Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

 This Halloween was fun! We started it off a few days early with class parties. Here is Kenzie as a cheerless cheerleader. It was fun to help in their classrooms.
 Kaylee was an 80's girl. This costume turned out to be way cuter than the cheapy one we could buy.
 We went to a ward trunk or treat where I was too busy with my kids that I didn't take any pictures. Then on Halloween I was coming down with the flu and I wasn't the best with taking pics. This was the only one I got, and it's missing Kenzie:( Karsyn was a bumble bee, and Ky was a ninja, a star wars guy, and quite frankly would have rather just worn his own clothes. With sickness going around our house we wern't so into it all this year.
 The Thursday before halloween we had halloween zumba. Thanks to Jenna's creativeness me, Jenna, and Kimmy wore matching pirate outfits. We even danced to thriller!!!
 This was only half of the people there. Lot's of people dressed up, but some didn't. The best part was that there were a few people that dressed up as me or as me, Jenna, and Kim. It was pretty hillarious!
Nothing was as hillarious as Hans dressing up as me with Kim's zumba clothes, and blond wig with a pomp on top. In all my life I have never had someone dress up as me for halloween!

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